When East Meets West

At Dharma Drum Retreat Center, Chef Dwayne and the kitchen crew, James & Ephrium, designed a number of new dishes called “When East Meets West” over several weeks.

The three chefs, proficient in pan frying, cooking, and baking, showcased their skills with French dishes like ratatouille, crème brûlée, and Vietnamese sandwiches. However, using a wok was a new experience for them, let alone stir-frying rice noodles or cooking tasty vegetables.

After two weeks of dedicated effort and exploration, they became skillful in stir-frying Taiwanese rice noodles, Chinese toon with tofu, braised cabbage, Taiwanese braised snacks, black beans stir-fry with green and red peppers, and authentic Jiangnan side dish of mashed lima beans with mustard green.

Since starting this “When East Meets West” project, they have collectively decided to use 100% natural ingredients to create dishes that promote the health of all beings. Keep it up!

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