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Saturday Online 1-Day Retreat

Led by Abbot Guo Yuan

Any Level



Begins: Saturday August 1, 2020
Check-in: 8:45 am
End Date: Saturday August 1, 2020
End Time: 5:00 PM

apply by 3:00 pm Friday July 31

NOTE: Please make your payment no later than 3:00 pm the day before the retreat. At that time we will email the codes to connect to the retreat. You can also get the codes by signing in to your account and using the “Check the Status.”

Come practice and learn together with us – online, building diligence, camaraderie, and having fun. Explore self-mastery through Chan Meditation.

Requirements to be accepted are:

  1. Previous instruction in basic meditation.
  2. A commitment to all-day practice.
  3. A PC or smart-phone to connect with the retreat.

Please respect this virtual retreat as if you were practicing in the Chan Hall. Allow enough space in the comfort of your own home for seated meditation. Let your housemates know that you should not be disturbed. Do not distract yourself with talking, reading, or checking your phone.

Floor cushions or a meditation bench would be best if you have them. Although a sturdy, comfortable chair where the thighs can be level with the floor is acceptable as well.

One-Day Retreat Schedule

8:45-9:00 am check in
9:00-9:30 am exercise
9:30-10:05 am relaxation meditation / massage
10:05-10:15 am short break
10:15-10:45 am Dharma talk
10:45-10:55 am short break
11:00-11:45 am sitting meditation / massage
12:00-1:45 pm eating practice / noon break
2:00-2:40 pm sitting meditation / massage
2:40-3:00 pm exercise
3:00-3:15 pm short break
3:15-4:00 pm sitting meditation / massage
4:00-5:00 pm Q&A / sharing
5:00 pm end