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1-Day Retreat – Online

Led by David Listen

Any Level

Sliding Scale


Begins: Saturday January 28, 2023
Check-in: 8:45 am
End Date: Saturday January 28, 2023
End Time: 5:00 PM

Open for registration now!     Click to REGISTER

Come practice and learn with us.

Explore self-mastery through Chan Meditation.

Requirements to be accepted are:

  • Previous instruction in basic meditation.
  • A commitment to all-day practice.
  • A PC or smart-phone to connect with the retreat.

Please respect this virtual retreat as if you were practicing in the Chan Hall. Allow enough space in the comfort of your own home for seated meditation. Let your housemates know that you should not be disturbed. Do not distract yourself with talking, reading, or checking your phone.

Floor cushions or a meditation bench would be best if you have them. Although a sturdy, comfortable chair where the thighs can be level with the floor is acceptable as well.


EST Activity
8:45 AM Log in to Zoom meeting; Sort out technical issues.
9:00 AM Introduction, mindful movement, sitting, walking, etc.
11:45 AM Food preparation and/or lunch; work/clean up; rest.
1:30 PM Instruction, sitting, walking, movement, etc.
3:30 PM Free practice – your mode of choice
4:00 PM Final sitting followed by closing instruction, sharing, then Q & A
5:00 PM End of Retread



This event is priced on a sliding scale. Please consider paying at the highest rate that you can afford. Your generosity supports Dharma Drum Mountain, staff, your fellow practitioners and our continuous efforts to help people to learn and grow.
When you submit your application, select one of the sliding scales rates below. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Base: $50
Sustainer: $75
Benefactor: $135

Any amount paid above the Base rate is a tax-deductible donation to DDRC. Your confirmation email is your tax receipt.


David Listen

David Listen David Listen has been sharing Chan/Zen meditation and Buddhist teachings for over 15 years, leading intensive meditation retreats, classes, and activities at various monasteries, college campuses, and private institutions throughout North America, Europe, and East Asia. Previously known as Venerable Chang Wen (常聞法師), he was one of the few Western monastic disciples of Chan Master Sheng Yen. He had been a monk for over a decade, and has since returned to lay life to share the insights of the Buddha in his own creative way. David is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and has done extensive work translating the teachings of Chinese Buddhism into English, both on retreat and in published works. He holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and is currently a counselor at a clinic for people suffering from severe mental illness. He also has his own life mentoring/coaching practice, guiding people in their cultivation of wisdom and compassion on an individual basis.