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Day of Stillness – Saturday

Led by DDRC Monastics

Any Level


no bus for this event

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Begins: Saturday June 22, 2019
Check-in: 8:45 am
End Date: Saturday June 22, 2019
End Time: 5:00 PM
Deadline: please apply at least one day in advance

Give yourself one day for meditation — a day to still the mind.

This silent retreat is non-intensive; the simple and relaxed schedule allows you to settle your mind while at the same time allowing you to maintain a constant awareness of your every activity.

Sitting periods are thirty minutes. In between sittings you are guided in gentle yoga and walking meditation.

The retreat also offers a review of basic meditation methods such as breath awareness, as well as brief Dharma talks.

Most people find that attending these one-day retreats regularly can help renew the strength of their daily practice.

Our Day of Stillness retreats are frequently scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. You are encouraged to sign up for both days, and stay overnight, giving yourself a full weekend retreat.

Overnight Stay

Overnight stay costs an additional $25 per night, and includes breakfast (and dinner if applicable).

Because we have limited laundry facility, we ask that you bring your own sleeping bag and a fitted sheet to protect our mattress covers.

If you are coming via public transportation, it may be difficult to find a train or bus that will get you here in time for the 8:45 am check-in time. That being the case, you are welcome to come the night before and stay over in our dormitory, PROVIDED YOU CAN ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 8:30 pm. (If you must arrive later than that, there are motels and hotels in the area where you might stay.)