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Buddhist Art Workshop

Led by An-yi Pan



no bus for this event

registration opens in March

Begins: Friday June 26, 2020
Check-in: 4:00 - 6:00 PM - late arrival not allowed
End Date: Sunday June 28, 2020
End Time: 10:00 PM
Deadline: no applications accepted after June 23

A Buddhist art appreciation workshop, led by an expert scholar of Buddhist art.

The workshop includes sessions of relaxation meditation.

Dr. An-yi Pan, PhD

Dr. An-yi Pan, who teaches at Cornell University, specializes in East Asian art, with particular focus on Chinese art. His research ranges from Buddhist art to modern and contemporary art. His interest in Buddhist art begins with the general transmissions and transformations of ideas as well as artistic styles from India to East Asia, and expands to Chinese Buddhist architecture, with focus on Song-dynasty Chan monastic design and its influence on Japanese monastic layouts. He has also researched interactions between Song-dynasty Chan and the scholar class to elucidate the profound influence of Buddhism on Chinese intellectuals.