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7-Day How to Meditate Retreat

Led by Gilbert Gutierrez


Sliding Scale



Begins: Sunday July 11, 2021
Check-in: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
End Date: Saturday July 17, 2021
End Time: 1:00 PM

Thursday, July 8. 2021

This will be our first public in-person event since the COVID-19 quarantine. We will only accept people who can show proof of being fully vaccinated no later than June 27, 2021. During the retreat we will require masks and social distancing. Space is limited, so please apply early.

How To Meditate: Right View Chan Training Application

The ancient Masters implored practitioners to turn the Mind’s eye inward. Do you understand? Bah! Have a cup of tea. Learn to practice via Mind’s own perception. This retreat will focus on getting the basics of meditation right so that the practice may properly progress. The ancients also said something to the effect of “be off by an inch and be off by a mile.” Meditation is a precise practice. When properly applied the awakening to the self nature of Mind is possible.

This is an intensive retreat; requirements to be accepted are:

  • Previous instruction in basic meditation
  • Established daily personal practice
  • Previously attended at least one retreat of three-days or longer


This event is priced on a sliding scale. Please consider paying at the highest rate that you can afford. Your generosity supports Dharma Drum Mountain, staff, your fellow practitioners and our continuous efforts to help people to learn and grow.

When you submit your application, select one of the sliding scale rates below. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Base: $450
Sustainer: $650
Benefactor: $1200

Any amount paid above the Base rate is a tax deductible donation to DDRC. Your confirmation email is your tax receipt.

Gilbert Gutierrez, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen

Gilbert Gutierrez

Gilbert Gutierrez has over thirty-nine years of meditation experience, which includes his study of various martial arts as well as Chi Gong. In 2002, he received Dharma Transmission from Chan Master Sheng Yen, making him the only western lineage holder currently residing in the United States. He conducts retreats and lectures throughout North America.

His home base is in Southern California and he lectures regularly at the Los Angeles DDMBA chapter and with his own Riverside Chan Meditation Group in California. Gilbert teaches in a classical Chan style which inspires his students to investigate Chan through diligent practice.