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You Are Already Enlightened

August 17, 2017
by Guo Gu

Guo Gu (Dr. Jimmy Yu), a longtime student of the late Master Sheng Yen, will lead a silent illumination intensive retreat at DDRC October 21-29, 2017. In this online article from Lion’s Roar
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You Want Liberation, But You Don’t Want to Change

March 2, 2015
Chang Xiang Fashi
by Chang Xiang Fashi

Today, I want to talk about a certain concept. Have any of you seen the movie trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s a new movie – you can see it in
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Life Koans and Retreat Experience

March 9, 2006
John Crook
by John Crook

Dharma Talk given on March 9, 2006 at the Chan Meditation Center, Elmhurst, NY   The first thing I should say is that it’s quite an awe-inspiring experience for me to be giving
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Western Zen: For Non-beginners and Beginners Alike

January 1, 2004
David Slaymaker and Rebecca Li
by Rebecca Li and David Slaymaker

We had been curious about the Western Zen Retreat (WZR) after hearing about it-it was a process that had been developed by Dr. John Crook, Master Sheng Yen’s (Shifu’s) first Western Dharma heir.
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In the Spirit of Chan

January 1, 1998
Master Sheng Yen
by Chan Master Sheng Yen

A window on the world of Chinese Zen (Chan), this little booklet is a short summary of Chan Buddhist thought distilled from Master Sheng yen’s published and unpublished materials. It is published in
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The Chan View of Life

October 2, 1993
Master Sheng Yen
by Chan Master Sheng Yen

Today I will talk about the Chan (or Zen) view of human life. There are several levels of view, or understanding, of life in Chan because Buddhism does not have a single approach
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Chan and Daily Life

April 17, 1990
Master Sheng Yen
by Chan Master Sheng Yen

A lecture at the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri on April 17, 1990 I would like to thank Professor Grant and the university for inviting me here today. From the introduction given me,
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What is Chan?

January 1, 1977
Master Sheng Yen
by Chan Master Sheng Yen

This is the transcript of a talk given by Master Sheng Yen in 1977, at the beginning of his teaching career in the US. It was originally published in a small pamphlet. While
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