We believe that meditation retreats should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means. That’s why Dharma Drum Retreat Center offers financial assistance to those who need it. If you are interested in attending a retreat but are unable to pay the full registration fee, we encourage you to apply for financial assistance through our application page. The more detailed your application, the better we will understand your situation and be able to assist you.

The amount of financial aid awarded will vary depending on your situation, and recipients are expected to volunteer before and after the retreat to help with preparation and clean up. For a 1-4 day retreat, participants are expected to volunteer for 1 day, while a 5-10 day retreat requires 2 days of volunteer work.

To be eligible for financial aid, participants must apply before registering for an event. We hope that this financial assistance program will help to make meditation retreats more accessible to those who may not have the means to attend otherwise.
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