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Meditation Instructor Training (March 28 – April 1, 2018)

Meditation Instructor Training

March 28 – April 1, 2018

Led by DDM Monastics

Begins: Wednesday
March 28
Ends: Sunday
April 1 – 2 pm
Fee: $150
Openings: Register Now
Deadline: March 2

By Invitation

The objective of this class is to train lay meditation instructors to independently lead beginner level meditation classes at Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) chapters/practice groups where there are no resident monastics to lead the class. Participation is by invitation only; candidates must be recommended by the director of their local DDM chapter.

Special Considerations When Applying

We need to collect some additional information when you apply for this event. On the application there is a question “What is your expectation of coming on this retreat?”  Please use the comments field under this question to provide the following:

  • Which language version of the class (English or Chinese) you wish to attend.
  • The name of the DDM director who recommended you for this training.

NOTE: You will also need to send us a letter of recommendation from the DDM director.

Candidate Qualifications

Participants in this class must first complete the Timekeeper Training Class (March 24-28, 2018).

The candidate shall meet the following requirements:

  • Has excellent qualities, capacities, and a vow to spread Chinese Chan Buddhism.
  • Has been trained directly by one of the DDM Dharma heirs.
  • Is interested in, and willing to take on the responsibilities of, the operation of the Chan Hall and retreat proceedings in the DDM tradition.
  • Has attended seven-day intensive retreats in the DDM tradition (does not include Western Chan Retreats) more than seven times (at least some within the past ten years).
  • The seven-day retreats need to be led by Shifu, or Shifu’s DVDs, or one of the current Dharma Heirs.

Content of the Training Program

Learn how to demonstrate and guide practitioners in:

  • relaxation
  • tools and times for practice
  • various sitting postures
  • seven points of posture for seated meditation
  • regulating the mind by counting or following the breath
  • entering and exiting stillness
  • self massage
  • moving, resting, walking, and standing meditation