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Financial Aid – Hemera Contemplative Fellowships

The Hemera Contemplative Fellowship Program was created to make more widely available the unique benefits of a sitting contemplative practice in a retreat context.


Anyone 18 years of age or older with a commitment to service – a deep desire to devote oneself to serving others through their profession – is eligible for a Hemera Fellowship. Applicants must work full-time in their field. Below are examples of eligible fellows:

  • Educators: pre-K through college
  • School administrators and staff: principals, guidance counselors, advisors, nurses, librarians and school safety officers
  • Health care professionals: physicians, nurses, orderlies, medical technicians, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, chaplains, medical school students and hospice staff.
  • Artists: full-time visual, performance, writers, multi-disciplinary artists
  • First responders: police, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, 911 dispatchers, disaster response teams.
  • Military: active duty, reservists and veterans.
  • Others:
    • public defenders, legal aid attorneys, victim advocates, human rights advocates;
    • employees working for any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or private foundation;
    • employees working in direct human services (government or private). Examples include health and human services, child protective services, workforce development.

Level of Support

You may apply for one fellowship per year. The level of support varies based on retreat experience level, past fellowship support, and need:

  • Those who are new to meditation, have never attended a retreat longer than two nights or are new to this center are eligible for 75% support.
  • Those with previous meditation retreat experience are eligible for 50% support.
  • Those in financial need are eligible for 100% support.
  • Financial support is limited to one fellowship per individual per calendar year.

Community of Fellows

Part of the long-term vision of the Hemera Contemplative Fellowship Program is to build a community of fellows, both online and in person. By accepting Hemera Fellowship funding, you agree to allow your contact information to be shared with the Hemera Foundation, and to fill out a survey about your retreat experience and the impact it has on your work.

How to Apply

You must first apply to our retreat, and be accepted, before we can consider your Hemera Fellowship application.

To apply for a fellowship, please contact us for an application.

You will be notified if your application has been accepted within two weeks of your application date.