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FAQ About Retreats

Which retreat is suitable for me?

Our administators review the information you enter on your application and make a determination based on your past experience. If necessary we contact you to discuss it. If you are not sure which retreat to apply for, we have some suggestions on how to choose the right retreat.

Do I have to follow the retreat schedule?

Yes, if you come on retreat, you are expected to follow the schedule. The retreat schedule and the retreat center environment are carefully designed to provide participants with the best possible conditions to support meditation practice. From morning till night, you know exactly where you are supposed to be and what you should be doing. This frees you to focus your full attention and energy on your meditation method.

Do I have to be silent on a retreat?

Yes, you are expected to observe the rules of Noble Silence, which support your meditation practice by limiting mental distraction. In addition to no talking, Noble Silence also means no reading, writing, texting, email, phone calls, music devices, or internet. The retreat leaders will speak when they need to direct you, and of course the teacher will be giving Dharma talks. When other communication is necessary, short handwritten notes are allowed, or you may speak quietly to one of the retreat supervisors.

Why are there so many rules on retreats?

The rules or etiquette are designed to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in support of intense meditation practice. The environment and schedule are carefully designed to provide all participants with the best possible conditions to support meditation practice. When you come on retreat, you are expected to follow the etiquette.

How do I sign up for a retreat?

First, create an account for yourself on our website. Once your account is activated, sign in to your account and submit your application.

Why do you require a photo?

The photos help the retreat leaders and support people to recognize and remember you. The retreat leader has a printout of the information entered on the applications, along with the headshot photos. This helps the retreat leader prepare their approach to teaching this particular group of people. It also aids in giving individual guidance during personal interviews. The photos also help the support people in case they have to find you; for example, when it is your turn for an interview. Be assured that we keep your photo and personal information private and secure.

How do I know whether I have been accepted for a retreat?

When you submit an application for a retreat, your application is reviewed, and then you are sent an email letting you know whether or not you have been accepted for the retreat. You can also sign in to your account and Check the Status of your application.

What should I do when I have been accepted for a retreat?

When you are accepted, we send an email with instructions. There is a Confirmation Form to be signed and returned to us, along with your payment.

How do I pay for a retreat?

You can pay by check, or you can pay online with a credit card. The link for paying online is included in the Confirmation Form, which is attached to the email we send you when you are accepted. If you misplace the email, you can access this same information and payment link by signing in to your account, and selecting Check the Status of a Submitted Application.

Please Note: We do not handle payments at the registration desk on the first day of the retreat. Payment is due before the retreat deadline, as specified in the acceptance letter.

What should I expect on a retreat?