Surrounded by the Shawangunk Ridge and 125 acres of woods and meadowland, walking trails, and a mountain stream-fed lake, DDRC’s campus provides a haven for quiet respite and meditation. 

Chan Hall 

Chan Hall, DDRC

Our main meditation hall, Chan Hall, is the spiritual center of our campus and a quiet sanctuary for participants practicing meditation methods. In this beautifully austere hall, with high ceilings and natural colored walls lined with Dharma instruments, people discover stillness. Here, they get acquainted with their very nature, and begin to distinguish their mind from their own essence. 

Reception Hall 

Reception Hall, DDRC

The reception hall is a welcome center for all visitors. Serving as the main office for our campus, this white, weathered 100-year-old building symbolizes the passing down of traditional ancient teachings, which we continue to share through more innovative, modern ways. You are welcome to share a cup of tea with us anytime and discover the many tangible and intangible treasures to be found here. 

Contemplation Hall 

Contemplation Hall, DDRC

The Contemplation Hall is a place for online programs, daily chanting, or meditating use. The Avalokitasvara statue in the hall represents our compassion for others. It is out of consideration for every single person in the world that we choose not to hurt anyone, physically or spiritually.  

Dining Hall 

Dining Hall, DDRC

To have a good practice in the Chan method, we must not only take good care of our mind, but also our body. The dining hall supports our practice with balanced meals consisting of delicious vegetarian foods. Here, we give offerings to Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha to show our appreciation for passing the teachings down to each of us. 


Having a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential requirements for practice. This is what our rooms provide for. Comfortable and basic accommodations are available to both retreat participants and center residents.  

Indoor and Outdoor 

Natural scenery and our neighboring wildlife provide our visitors with a spa for the mind. River song and our scenic pond make walking meditation through the woods a feast for the senses.

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