January 5 - 19, 2025

Winter Retreat Session 2: Calming and Contemplation

Event Description

The annual Winter Retreat, also known as the Snow Retreat, is designed to provide an intensive meditation practice experience. The Winter Retreat is divided into two sessions: Session 1, the Foundation retreat, will take place from 12/26/2024 to 01/04/2025; Session 2, 15-day Calming and Contemplation retreat, will be held from 1/5/2025 to 01/19/2025. Practitioners have the flexibility to attend either or both sessions of the retreat.

Abbot Guo Yuan will lead the Winter Retreat, while offering Dharma talks, guided Chan practice, and interviews.

This winter retreat’s unique characteristic is the two stages method for the cultivation of a deeper practice. The first level Foundation retreat is basic practice: participants will practice adjusting the body and mind through relaxation in order to smooth the breathing. Continuing this practice one can naturally and smoothly enter the second level of this method: calming and contemplation. This will be a 15-day experience of vipassana and samadhi. Of course, it is important that a participant follows the foundation of practice step by step in any retreat.

Chan meditation is fundamentally a practice that connects the mind and body. Its purpose is to cultivate inner peace, tranquility, and a deeper sense of presence in one’s daily life. Through deep meditation, participants can establish a connection with their inner selves, the serene environment of DDRC, and the interconnectedness of the universe.


Requirements for this retreat:
This retreat follows the traditional Chan monastery schedule, starting early in the morning and making the most efficient use of time in concentrated group practice. Participants should be mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of such a regimen. Therefore, we ask each applicant have sufficient experience as listed in the requirements before registering.

The requirements for session 2 are:

-Have previously participated in a silent retreat that is 5 days or longer.



This event is priced on a sliding scale. Please consider your registration as a moment to practice generosity by paying at the highest rate that you can afford. Your generosity supports Dharma Drum Retreat Center, staff, your fellow practitioners, and our continued efforts to help people to learn and grow. Any amount paid above the Base rate is a tax-deductible donation to DDRC. Please contact us if you need the tax receipt.

Financial aid is available, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. You can apply for financial aid here.


Chartered Shuttle

We are happy to offer a chartered shuttle service from Manhattan Penn Station to our center, provided we have enough interested participants. The fee for the shuttle service is $75 for one way and $150 for a round trip per person.

The shuttle will depart from Manhattan Penn Station at 2:00 pm on the start day of the retreat, taking you directly to our center. On the end day of the retreat, the return shuttle will depart from our center at 1:30 pm, heading back to Manhattan Penn Station.

If you wish to avail of the shuttle service, please remember to check the item during registration.

Guo Yuan Fashi, one of Chan Master Sheng Yen’s Dharma heirs, is a Buddhist monk trained in Chan Buddhism. In 1985 he first encountered Master Sheng Yen’s teachings while attending…
In Person

Check in: Thursday, January 5nd, 2025, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
End time: Wednesday, January 19nd, 2025, 1:00 PM

Requirements for this retreat:
• Already received basic meditation instruction
• Established a daily personal practice
• Previously attended at least one two-day retreat

Sample Schedule:
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Sliding Scale
  • Base – $1,050.00
  • Sustainer – $1,350.00
  • Benefactor – $1,650.00
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Registration opens: Sep 26, 2024
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