November 2, 2024

1-Day Retreat

Event Description

Regular and consistent Chan practice is a crucial element in improving your meditation skills and maturity. During a one-day retreat, which is conducted in silence, you have the opportunity to escape daily stress, refresh your mental and physical state, and nurture your meditation practice. Through Chan meditation, you will learn to cultivate a clear awareness of both your body and mind. This practice will help you gain insight into your habitual tendencies that often lead to suffering, and you’ll explore ways to release these habits in order to attain inner peace.



This event is priced on a sliding scale. Please consider your registration as a moment to practice generosity by paying at the highest rate that you can afford. Your generosity supports Dharma Drum Retreat Center, staff, your fellow practitioners, and our continued efforts to help people to learn and grow. Any amount paid above the Base rate is a tax-deductible donation to DDRC. Please contact us if you need the tax receipt.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Yanxi Fashi first learned meditation when he was in college. He searches for the solution of how to eliminate the suffering, and Master Sheng Yen’s teaching inspired him in that Chan…
In Person
Check-in: 8:30 am, November 2nd
End Time: 5:00 pm, November 2nd

Sample Schedule:
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Sliding Scale
  • $100.00 – Base
  • $135.00 – Sustainer
  • $200.00 – Benefactor
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Registration opens: Aug 2, 2024
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