February 10, 2024

1-Day Beginner’s Meditation Class (Online)

Event Description

This class is designed for newcomers to meditation interested in an online retreat. You’ll learn basics of meditation and how to choose the environment, time of day, and equipment for meditation that work best for you.

In our one-day online meditation class, you will learn the fundamentals of sitting meditation, including: proper postures, basic methods of concentration, and important concepts related to the process of meditation. We will also practice entering mediation through relaxation of the body and emerging mindfully through self-massage.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, set aside enough space for sitting, and let any housemates know that you have a class so they don’t disturb you. You may use cushions to sit on floor or a bench for meditation during the class. If those are not available to you, a comfortable chair is a good alternative.


This event is offered at no cost to you. During your registration there will be an opportunity to donate* to support DDRC or our Sangha.

*The donation is non-refundable.

Nancy met Chan Master Sheng Yen in 1978, when he was a student in her English class, and she became his meditation student shortly thereafter. She has taught metta contemplation,…
Saturday, February 10th.
8:45 am - 5:00 pm.
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