August 11 - 19, 2023

Right View Applied to Meditation Retreat

Right View Applied to Meditation

This retreat will clarify how to practice Chan using Right View as foundation. Gilbert will help fine-tuning your method and will introduce both basic and advanced instructions in meditation. “Right View” is not a method in and of itself, and practitioners may use their already existing methods of choice – it is the use of Buddha Dharma to understand Mind and to practice in the present moment.

The application of Right View to meditation will enable practitioners to utilize Mind from its own perception that differs from the perception of the five Skandhas which constitute an illusory view point. This very delicate matter is not easy to understand and must be experienced. Once experienced the practitioner is set on the correct course for their Chan practice.

Gilbert’s retreat is designed to introduce Right View meditation as it relates to everyday life. Sincere cultivation of this practice will change the manner in which one approaches meditation and living in Chan. We commence with the realization that “just this Mind” is the mind that one is seeking. And “just this Mind” is Buddha. We then sit with an attitude of “just sitting” – nothing else is needed to be added or taken away. “Just sitting” and “just meditation” are simpler than one may imagine. But its proper and sincere practice is a matter of life and death.

This retreat will be suitable for both beginning and advanced practitioners.


Chartered Shuttle

We are happy to offer a chartered shuttle service from Manhattan Penn Station to our center, provided we have enough interested participants. The fee for the shuttle service is $75 for one way and $150 for a round trip per person.

The shuttle will depart from Manhattan Penn Station at 2:00 pm on the start day of the retreat, taking you directly to our center. On the end day of the retreat, the return shuttle will depart from our center at 1:30 pm, heading back to Manhattan Penn Station.

If you wish to avail of the shuttle service, please remember to check the item during registration.

Gilbert Gutierrez has over thirty-nine years of meditation experience, which includes his study of various martial arts as well as Chi Gong. In 2002, he received Dharma Transmission from Chan…
In Person

Check in: Friday, August 11, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
End time: Saturday, August 19, 1:00 PM

Requirements for this retreat:
• Already received basic meditation instruction
• Established a daily personal practice
• Previously attended at least one two-day retreat

Sample Schedule:
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Sliding Scale
  • Base – $525.00
  • Sustainer – $700.00
  • Benefactor – $1,050.00
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