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Stillness in Motion 2023


In this online non-traditional program, learn to integrate meditation into your daily life. Join experienced Chan teachers from across the United States and Europe for an in-depth exploration of Zen relaxation, retreat practice, study and daily practice. Guided by the late Master Sheng Yen’s practical and inspiring text, Zen and Inner Peace Volume One, we will learn how his teachings can inform, and deepen our practice and contribute to the world’s healing and our own.

Through daily dharma talks, emails, group discussion and meditation sessions, we will discover the benefits of Chan practice of slowing down, simplifying our lives using compassion and wisdom.

This seven-day program includes:

  • Daily afternoon Dharma talks, live streamed 2:30 pm EST and will be available afterwards via video recordings.
  • Daily email reflections selected from Master Sheng Yen’s text to inspire our learning.
  • Daily opportunities for three meditation periods, in our Online Meditation Hall with participants from around the world.

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