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The Beauty of the Mind of Chan— DDRC Winter Retreat

Attending a January retreat at DDRC, and met my very first winter snow. After meditating, I found that the snow here is very unique.

It conveys not only the beautiful, but also the warm and romantic sense. Standing inside the Chan Hall, I look through the window. Snowflakes are dancing in the air towards the ground. I felt very happy and refreshed, curiously running outside, stretching out my hands, reaching out to touch and feel how snow is really like.

Gazing at the snowflake in the palm of my hand, it was the very first time we met each other so closely. I was like a kid full of excitement.

Watching the snow coming quietly and disappearing with nothing left behind. That is the beauty of the nature of impermanence.

Standing silently, smelling the fresh cold air, watching the dancing snow, immersed in the moment. The scene was picturesque. It was so beautiful it was as if I entered a fairy tale! How wonderful!

The beauty I saw through this kind of mood is not snow, not the view, but the mind. This kind of mind is clean, full of equanimity and peace. If we can use the perspective of Chan to see the world, everything, everywhere is beautiful!